Psion Teklogix Modulus

While choosing the right mobile computer for your company may seem like a daunting task, Psion Teklogix has found a solution; Modulus™. Modulus in an entirely new approach to mobile computing that allows users control over future events, with unprecedented levels of configuration capabilities, flexibility, and extensibility. Modulus allows users to experience open mobility, without being locked into a particular system. Open mobility also allows developers to extend and customize capabilities of Psion Teklogix devices. Because of this adaptability, mobile computers can easily be changed to accommodate the future since what works today should also be relevant tomorrow.

Whether you need modularity for a snap-on/snap-off pistol grip for the Psion Teklogix NEO, or and RFID reader that can be added to the 7535 G2, Modulus can make it possible. While many mobile computers are rigid, Modulus allows flexibility, expandability and long-term relevance that makes devices last long into the future.

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