Psion Teklogix 8525 & 8530 G2

Psion Teklogix recently introduced the latest in rugged vehicle mount computers, the 8525 G2 and 8530 G2. These computers can endure extreme conditions, all while delivering the intelligence that every mobile workers need. They can even handle condensation that often occurs between a cold warehouse and warm receiving dock, earning them an IP65 rating.

In addition to being ultra-rugged, the 8525 and 8530 feature a wide range 10-90V power supply and an optional internal backup battery. The vehicle mount computers are Windows based, so they’re easily integrated into various applications, and feature all of the necessary technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth and narrowband connectivity.

Both of the devices have large displays, with the 8525 having an 8.8” color touch-screen display, and the 8530 having a 10.4” color touch-screen display.

These impressive vehicle-mount mobile computers are ideal for any warehousing situation. Learn more about Psion Teklogix and their products here.