Printronix T5000r and SL5000r Printers Earn Energy Star

With growing concerns about the environment, it’s important that we do everything possible to save energy, both as consumers and business professionals. That’s why its important to choose products with Energy Star ratings.

The Printronix T5000r thermal barcode printer and the SL5000r RFID printer recently earned the Energy Star seal. The T5000r and SL5000r are the only thermal printers in their class to meet the latest Energy Star program requirements for imaging equipment. By using printers with the Energy Star seal, companies will be able to assist their corporate sustainability initiatives, reducing their overall energy consumption and utility bills.

While the Printronix T5000r and SL5000r may save power, they are definitely not light on power. With extensive emulation support and micro-stepping technology, these Energy Star approved printers have application and output compatibility unlike any others. In addition, both the T5000r and the SL5000r offer wireless environment capabilities, and because of the lower power consumption, the printers can be used longer, resulting in less frequent charging and thus an increase in productivity.