Printronix Quick-change Memory Cartridge

Printronix T4M with Quick Change Memory CardPrintronix recently announced the release of new options for their T4M thermal barcode printer and SL4 RFID mid-range printers. Businesses who use multiple barcode printers, in addition to keeping spare units as back up, will now be able to easily remove and replace a networked printer.

Once a time consuming process, replacing mission-critical printers is now quick and easy with the new Quick Change Memory Cartridge (QCMC) from Printronix. QCMC is a storage device that stores the printer’s MAC address and configuration along with all the network settings. Basically, all workers have to do is move the QCMC from the printer that’s being replace to the replacement printer, and the replacement will be up and running in no time.

By making it easy to transfer identical configuration and network settings to the replacement machine, there is no need for advanced IT skills, so anyone can easily change out a printer without the hassle. In addition, users can duplicate a printer’s firmware, saved configurations, and custom files through the user-friendly control panel, eliminating the need for external hosts or files.

After data is transferred to the QCMC, the information can then be shared with a limitless number of printers, as long as the hardware and options are present.

QCMC is a great solution for companies that use barcode printers, and will save a lot of headaches between the IT department and other workers. To learn more about the Quick Change Memory Cartridge from Printronix, please contact our partner.