Print from the Apple iPad with Zebralink™

Recently, we discussed how the Apple iPad was beginning to be used in doctors offices and hospitals as a user-friendly way to look up medical records of patients. Unlike paper-based systems of laptops on carts, iPads are compact, easy-to-use, and easy to transport. In addition, doctors can use the iPad as a learning tool to show patients more in-depth diagrams and photographs as necessary. Most doctors and hospital staff that use the iPad are very satisfied, but some complain that they still have to find a laptop in order to print.

Now, there is a solution to this problem—the ZebraLink™ Multiplatform Software Development Kit. The Zebra Kit offers an easy way to print directly from the iPad to most Zebra thermal printers, even mobile printers.

Even if you’re not using an iPad, or are using different types of devices, Zebralink has the capability to print from Blackberry smartphones, Windows mobile devices, and other Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch.

For more information on Zebra and their products, learn more here.

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