Preparing to Implement Internet of Things (IoT) Strategies Successfully

When it’s time to put an Internet of Things strategy into place, there are two key areas in which having cutting-edge capabilities will prove useful: organization and technology. Here is a look at the essential elements of both areas if you want to find IoT success in your company.


Without the right organizational structure, governance, talent and culture, your IoT-enabled agenda will struggle to get off the ground. Executives must work alongside IT leaders to find the best opportunities to leverage technology to help get solutions and ideas to market.

The right approach will place a priority on the potential benefits of IoT investments when it comes to meeting the needs of customers. It’s also important to be willing to test new solutions right away – despite the possibility of failure – to maintain a competitive edge.

On the governance side, meanwhile, new privacy policies should be instituted to deal with the new relationship that will emerge between businesses and their customers’ data.


Great organization is undoubtedly valuable, but technical capabilities can make or break IoT implementations. IT teams can use their current investments in areas like analytics, big data, and customer-facing applications as starting points to find opportunities to build off the data they already have available and ensure they have the right foundations for security and connectivity.

When it comes to big data, it will be important to focus on in-memory computing as well as middleware options for optimizing real-time analytics query speeds. In terms of infrastructure, RFID is useful for inventory management, while Bluetooth LE beacons can be used to transmit messages to consumers when they enter stores.

Applications will also warrant plenty of attention, with a focus on debugging and development tools, embedded operating systems, and API management strategies.

Customer expectations and the competition within the industry are constantly evolving, and an aggressive approach to IoT will separate the winners from the losers.

This blog post was based off research from Accenture Strategy. Download their Whitepaper.

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