Premier Foods Improves Customer Service with GS1 UK Data Pool

Premier Foods, one of the UK’s leader in food manufacturing, needed to review their data quality while updating product information for customers on the GS1 UK Data Pool. After just one customer, they realized that there were over 300 products with data inaccuracies.

Premier Foods decided to set up a centralized data pool team to ensure that all of the data in the pool can be updated by using a single account with a standard process in place. First, a data cleansing exercise was done in order to ensure that all of the product attributes were accurate, updated, an available. From there, Premier Foods was able to integrate their new process with a Product Information Management, or PIM, system.

By using the GS1 UK Data Pool, Premier Foods was able to:

  • Enable complete product traceability that helps to meet increasing food safety legislation and consumer demand for product information
  • Exchange accurate product information with trading partners at all times
  • Cleans data easily before updating product information, ensuring that both the manufacturer and customer improve their data quality through the identification and clarification of legacy data
  • Increase the speed to market for new product launches

Because of the increasing pressure to comply with new regulations in the food industry, the GS1 UK Data Pool will allow companies such as Premier Foods to easily update product data and upload it into the GS1 database for faster and more accurate information exchange.