Pre-process and Save Time with Mobile Receipt Printers

I recently came across a blog post from Zebra Technologies that reminded me of a recent trip to Chipotle. When I arrived at the restaurant, it was packed, but to my surprise, the line moved swiftly because while everyone was waiting, a cashier with a mobile receipt printer was taking orders so things wouldn’t get backed up at the register.

Other companies are also doing such pre-processing in order to save customers and staff time. Zebra’s article examined WHSmith, the UK’s leading book and magazine retailer, for their successful pre-checkout application. In order to keep up with the holiday rush, WHSmith was able to create a 50 percent reduction in customer waiting time, improving customer conversion and increasing revenue.

Store clerks used their mobile computers to scan products’ barcodes before the customer even got to the register. Once all the items in a cart/basket were scanned, clerks were able to use Zebra mobile printers to give the customers their receipts. Once the customer reaches the register, the cashier only has to scan the barcode on the receipt. The POS system automatically records all of the items that were purchased, avoiding a line back-up and the need to scan each item. What also speeds up the process is since customers know what their total will be before ever being rung up, they can have their money out and ready for the cashier.

Check out the Zebra blog to see the other benefits of pre-processing and learn more about Zebra and their products here.