POWER UP™ Helps Keep 2017 Preakness Fully-Charged

This past Saturday, the charging technology experts at POWER UP™ were contracted by The Maryland Jockey Club to supply 50 charging tables and a charging lounge for the 2017 Preakness. In-field spectators were able to visit POWER UP™ charging lounge, and all other guests could utilize the 50 charging tables or buy personal pocket chargers for the duration of their attendance. The high-top charging tables were placed conveniently around the track, and each had a tempered glass top with 3 standard laptop outlets, 6 USB ports, and 9 LED charging cables.POWER UP

Keeping people’s devices charged is all part of POWER UP™’s focus, whose brand motto is: “Connecting moments that matter.” Barcoding, Inc. recently acquired POWER UP™, formerly NV3 technologies, after recognizing the company’s tremendous potential.

Before the race on Saturday, Co-founder of POWER UP™, Ryan E. Doak, voiced his enthusiasm of the partnership. He said, “We’re excited to be working with The Maryland Jockey Club again and bringing technology that will enable Preakness attendees to stay connected during the moments that matter. Preakness is a prime example of how this innovative solution can be used by guests who depend on a fully charged device at large, all-day events.”

Past Partnerships

POWER UP™ has worked with the Maryland Jockey Club before, this being their third partnership. For last year’s Preakness, POWER UP™ built high-top charging tables for the owners’ tent and also built 10 customized tables for Laurel Race Track in Maryland. These customized tables utilized 10-inch screens and LED lighting.

Following last year’s success, the Maryland Jockey Club knew they would need POWER UP™ to supply even more charging capabilities for this year’s race.

“We cannot wait to roll out the 50 new high-top tables and have the charging tent for our infield ticket holders this year. The tables were such a hit at last year’s Preakness that we knew we had to rent more so that more guests could keep their devices fully-charged throughout the day,” said Joe Blaylock, Director of IT for The Maryland Jockey Club.

Interested in POWER UP™ and their charging capabilities? Learn more here.

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