Polo Ralph Lauren Launches Aggressive Mobile Marketing Campaign

polo mobile marketingLast year, we wrote about how Ralph Lauren began using QR codes in their print advertisements. Since then, they have greatly expanded upon this campaign and plan to use even more technological methods for their marketing efforts.

Recently, they launched a “Make Your Own Rugby” iPhone application, allowing users to personalize rugby and polo shirts, in addition to uploading their photos to virtually try on their creations.

Senior VP of advertising, David Lauren, likes the challenge of using cutting edge technology while maintaining the brand’s classic image. However, embracing technology gives Polo Ralph Lauren a competitive advantage. By using QRcodes before most major US fashion retailers do so, Polo will be ahead of the curve when other companies begin to jump on the growing QR trend.

Mr. Lauren is so aggressive about mobile advertising because he feels it’s the next big thing for fashion. The success that Polo has had over the past year has encouraged them to invest even more in QR codes and mobile marketing.

Polo first discovered QR codes when opening their store in Japan four or five years ago. While QR codes are still new in America, and people may be anxious about using them, Mr Lauren feels that the customer will become excited about Polo as a brand, believing in the age-old philosophy that if you build it, they will come. Such mentality was also used by Polo when opening their store on Madison Avenue when many people wondered why one designer would need an entire store.

Clearly Polo’s innovative thinking has made them extremely successful in the marketplace for many years. Hopefully their continuing efforts with QR code marketing will expand upon a growing sensation.