Pirelli Implementation of MDC Terminals from Advantech-DLoG

Pirelli integrated the use of MDC terminals from Advantech-DLoG, successfully incorporating newer concepts in manufacturing tires for vehicles and motorcycles. The outcome has been quite favorable. For example, the tire giant has made its operations capacity more efficient, resulting in reliable production and eliminating errors.

Pirelli uses a combination of quality materials such as nylon, steel belts, rayon and Kevlar to manufacture quality tires for modern vehicles and motorcycles, providing car owners with the safety to drive in all weather conditions without worrying about decreased durability and performance. Innovation is commonplace at Pirelli. The year 2003 marked their 100th birthday, and today more than 10 million vehicles and motorcycles are manufactured every year at the company’s production plant in Breuberg, Germany.

Over the years, Pirelli’s award-winning focus on producing quality tires significantly revolutionized the company’s efficiency and effectiveness every year. Sixteen years ago, Pirelli introduced its MIRS production plant. MIRS stands for “Modular Integrated Robotized System,” a concept based on flexibly integrating a micro-factory that can quickly react to the changing trends and the changing market conditions very precisely.

According to the IT project manager of the company, Jurgen Neidig, the process they formerly used was taking too much time and proved to be quite exceptionally complicated. The use of paper was everywhere, which prompted the IT specialist to do something about it. Although the company did have a MDC system integrated in a few areas of production, the system was clearly outdated and prone to too many errors, which complicated matters even more because it could not efficiently meet newer demands on a regular basis.

The company integrated a new computer for enhancing production and planning, which helped them control the situation further, integrating the technology in other sites.

From Using Paper to Incorporating Smart Technology and WLAN
The Pirelli plant in Germany was not yet done with recording their processes regarding semi-finished products on notepads. Warehouse employees at the company used to write down a general overview of their inventory, which proved to be bothersome. The information had to then be conveyed to the machines, which proved to be largely inefficient and there were just too many errors involved.

This was when the company decided to integrate the use of DLoG’s MPC 5 systems, which were supplied as well as configured by the COT. Pirelli gradually started using the MDC (Modern terminals for machine Data Capture), which were installed on their forklifts and pallet trucks, and this proved to be hugely advantageous.

The MDCs Required Minimal Training
An overflow of MDCs into their production units meant they needed an accurate configuration and installation. But, according to Wolfram Grulich, who is an IT structure professional at the company, they went for a more easy and subtle, step-by-step, configuration process, subdividing the MOD systems in to machine groups.

So, once they made sure that the system ran smoothly in a given group, they expedited the training process in order to install the system on the next machine. The company solely depended on their specialist IT teams and because there were only a minimal amount of people who were trained on the MPC, they quickly trained more people.

Since the design of the MDCs was not that complicated, they avoided bearing the costs of training. The application, along with the device’s required user input, is very easy to understand.

Enhanced Speed via WLAN

In order to keep with the a considerably fast pace of the production lines, the MPC 5s provided the company with efficient and wireless connectivity through WLAN cards. The configuration of the terminal is parameter-controlled, which considerably helped the company replace devices in case of emergencies.

Enhanced Transparency and Efficiency
According to the company’s data evaluations for the first quarter, the brand-new technology for terminal-based production proved to be a success—it was definitely worth the investment. The combination of streamlined hardware with flexible maintenance and operation expedited data transfer and exceptionally designed software allowed for smooth production control and flow.

Pirelli’s use of DLoG’s MDCs was a logical decision and a worthy investment. The durability and versatility of DLoG’s MPC and MDC systems proved to be a success and further helped the company expand its functionality.