Pharmacode Barcode

pharmacodeThe Pharmacode barcode is used in the pharmaceutical industry as part of their packing control system and is specially designed to be read, despite any printing errors. In order to ensure that the remainder of the packaging is correctly printing, the Pharmacode may also be printed in multiple colors.

Unlike other 1D barcodes, the Pharmacode does not store data in human-readable digits, but rather, the number is encoded in binary rather than decimal. In addition, Pharmacode can only represent single integers from 3 to 131070. Because of this, the minimum number of bars is 2 and the maximum is 16, so the smallest number that could be encoded, 3, would have two narrow bars, and the largest, 131070, would consist of 16 wide bars. It is also read from right to left, making the Pharmacode a very unique and industry specific barcode.