Pharmaceutical Industry Needs Logistics

Tracking and tracking regulations could be the solution to some of the labeling issues in the pharmaceutical industry.

Many people depend on the pharmaceutical industry on a daily basis—it provides medicine when you’re ill, and may even keep you going on a daily basis. In the pharmaceutical industry, even a minor error could become a life or death situation, that’s why accuracy is essential.

The proposed RxTEC Act would ensure accuracy by supporting a federal law that would automate tracking, imposing uniform requirements across the United States.

The RxTEC Act was proposed by the Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Allaince (PDSA), which includes manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacy chains, all of whom seek to better the pharmaceutical industry through tracking and tracing.
By removing any paper-based system and imposing national track and trace regulations, the RxTEC act will improve supply chain visibility, accuracy and security.

The RxTEC Act is hoped to be adopted this year, but some question this.

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