Personal Inventory Tracking

Booxter, a Mac-based software with accompanying iPhone app, is now in version 2.7, adding heightened barcode scanning capabilities.

Booxter is used by people who like keeping track of what they own, basically, it can be used as personal inventory management. Booxter users can manage their book, movie, music and comic book collections through support of barcode scanners and iSight video cameras. Booxter can instantly create collections and libraries can be exported for viewing on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPod.

While the QR code craze is still upon us, I find it interesting that apps such as Booxter allow consumers to also incorporate 1D (traditional) barcodes into their daily lives. Until everything manufactured features a QR code, and consumers can scan everything with their phones, third-party applications such as Booxter and a barcode scanner are needed to connect consumers to the barcodes on their goods. If you use Booxter, or a similar program, we’d love to hear your thoughts on personal inventory management and barcode scanning. Let us know what you think by commenting here, or on our Facebook
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