Payment via Mobile Barcodes

While we’ve discussed QR codes on TV and QR codes as an addition to text to donate campaigns, the University of Ottawa Hear Institute has recently implemented a campaign that does both.

The Institute, in conjunction with Mobio Identity Systems, launched the first television QR code campaign that used mobile payment technology during the Ottawa Heart Institute’s annual telethon.

An example of mobile bar code payment technology advancing the ways people donate to charitable causes took place on March 28 during the Ottawa Heart Institute’s annual telethon on CTV Ottawa.

In previous years, millions of callers would jam the phone lines of telethon switchboards and obtaining payment information could often be an arduous process. Now, once the QR code appears on the screen, viewers can use their smartphones to make a donation in real-time.

Users simply need to type in their credit card information once and scan a QR code to donate. After initial use, their information will be saved so they do not have to deal with payment again, making it more convenient to donate.

Adding QR codes to the telethon allows people from every generation to easily donate, and in addition to the telethon, the QR codes were printed in local publications and broadcasted over Twitter and Facebook.

While the Mobio QR code payment system is only for iPhone users, Mobio plans to release a version for other platforms such as Android and Blackberry.

QR codes are a great way for nonprofits to raise money, so I’m glad to see more organizations taking advantage of them. Let us know what your experiences have been with donating to charities via QR codes by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.