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Wavelink Corporation is the industry’s leading provider of software solutions for the development of mission-critical wireless applications, and the management of wireless LAN networks and mobile devices.

Wavelink software has powered many of the world’s major retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and a growing list of Fortune 1,000 companies, with more than 5,000 customers and 40,000 installations to date. Wavelink supports the world’s most popular programming languages and device operating systems with technology that spans wireless local area networks (WLAN), or Wi-Fi, as well as wireless wide area networks (WWAN).

Featured Wavelink Product

Avalanche Device Management Software

With the rapid growth in mobile and wireless computing devices within the enterprise, IT organizations have become challenged with effectively supporting this emerging mobile installed base and containing the potentially high support costs. These costs can run much higher than the actual purchase of the devices, in many cases up to $3,500 per year per device according to various research studies.

Wavelink Avalanche is a powerful solution for enterprises that are seeking to manage the lifecycle of their wireless devices, control costs, and boost productivity by enabling the centralized management of a large installed based of mobile devices.

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