Simple, mobile and effective solution for enterprises.

Looking for a way to track your business assets, automate inventory, locate critical items and people, monitor storage conditions? Are you looking for a solution that is as simple to install and use as an iPhone app? With Visybl you can bring never-before visibility to your organization’s assets. Laptops, medical equipment, vehicles, containers, Visybl can track them all. Visybl uses small, inexpensive sensors that can talk to your iPhone, and report presence, location, temperature, and motion. You simply attach these to your tracked assets, install an app, and you and your colleagues have complete asset visibility, across the business.

Enterprise Asset Tracking Solutions

This gets attached to the assets you want to track. You can use adhesive, Velcro (R), zip tie or a screw. Its built tough for enterprise applications, with a multi-year battery life.

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Drop this tiny-yet-powerful reader in anywhere you want continuous monitoring, without depending on your team’s smartphones to be around. Setup is as easy as connecting power and network, and you’ll need only a few for even the biggest areas.

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With Visybl’s apps your iPhone and Android turn into powerful asset monitoring tools. Use your existing phone to capture inventory in your warehouse, office, or even en route in vehicles.

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Visybl CloudView shows where all your business assets are, recent activity, asset temperature and much more — all from your favorite browser. You can also add other team members, setup alerts, generate reports, and configure CloudNodes.

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