Cloud-based asset tracking software for any size business

TrackAbout delivers asset tracking software that works in the real world. The system automatically and intelligently corrects everyday errors such as missing scans, duplicate serial numbers, syncing out of order and data entry mistakes to provide relevant, accurate information that enables better control over your assets. With TrackAbout, you can respond faster to customer needs while keeping better track of your equipment. Our clients typically realize a return on investment in less than one year.

TrackAbout Target Markets

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TrackAbout® is a scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to track, manage, maintain and optionally rent portable physical assets.  Items are tagged using barcodes or RFID tags, and data is collected using rugged handheld scanners, smartphones, tablets or integration from other systems. Dynamic fields and forms may be added easily to support a company’s unique workflows. TrackAbout integrates all of this information with existing enterprise systems.


TrackAbout Product Offering

  • Find what you need, when you need it.
  • Know where everything is, who has it and when it last moved.
  • Simplify your audits.
  • Deter theft.
  • Stop buying new assets.
  • Start maximizing what you already have.
  • Start small, tracking only your most valuable assets.
  • Or go big and track everything for complete visibility and accountability.
  • We work with businesses of all sizes, all over the world. You can grow into TrackAbout as TrackAbout helps you grow your business.
  • Use our mobile delivery feature to deliver product to customers. Capture proof of delivery with an electronic signature. Print a delivery receipt.
  • Catch mistakes quickly and reconcile your orders before close of business. Bill your customers the same day.
  • In a recall situation, our lot traceability features help you quickly locate and recover product.
  • If you rent assets, our equipment rental software can increase your rental revenue an average of 8%.
  • Track as many custom fields per asset as you like.
  • Design custom mobile forms and workflows to replace manual processes and paper forms. Move the paperwork online.
  • Increase worker compliance with well-defined business rules and enforce operating procedures.
  • Record, track and report on equipment maintenance, inspections and testing.
  • Our asset tracking system works with all device types, including Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and rugged scanners.
  • We work equally well with barcode labels or RFID tags.

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