Package tracking made Smart. Simple. Secure.

Whether you run the mailroom or operate a front desk, TekTrack® is the complete, inbound package tracking solution that will help improve your package processing operations. Replace error-prone, manual logging with TekTrack and a barcode scanner to maximize efficiency while minimizing errors. TekTrack improves your accountability for received packages with proof-of-delivery receipts and detailed search & audit history reports. Reduce your processing time while benefiting from automation features like parcel carrier identification, alerts, recipient notifications, reminders, and more.

Make tracking inbound packages easier than ever using the TekTrack Package Tracking Software:



TekTrack Benefits and Features

  • Reduces package processing time & errors.
  • Eliminates time spent looking for packages.
  • Monitor packages from arrival through delivery.
  • User-friendly & easy to learn.
  • Supports package processing from a single computer or multiple networked computers simultaneously.
  • Configures in minutes to numerous processing workflows.
  • Available as a one-time purchase or an online subscription.
  • Supports package processing from both mobile and PC barcode scanners.
  • Proof-of-delivery receipts available using electronic signature pads, employee & student badges, magnetic card readers, and more.
  • Detailed searches and customizable reports available in popular file formats.
  • Process packages in real-time or batch mode.
  • Supports integration with existing recipient and user databases.

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