SCLogic Package Tracking Software Systems

Founded in 1996, SCLogic is a leading provider of innovative package tracking software systems that leverage the latest barcode scanning, printing, mobile computing and wireless technologies. The company has thousands of enterprise, government and university users around the world. SCLogic, is headquartered in Annapolis, MD, with offices in New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and California. The foundation of Intra is the use of software and barcodes to track the flow of tangible objects – mail, parcels, property, files/print jobs, services or people – as they enter and move around your campus.


Package Tracking Software Systems
• Full chain-of-custody detail from receiving through delivery – for any accountable item that moves
• Android or Windows Mobile handhelds
• 24/7 Live technical support
• New features – Online client services portal, P.O. line item receiving, service request forms with fulfillment, desktop shipping, detailed reports & analytics dashboard
• Integrations – Single Sign On, Lockers, USPS, ERP

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