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Innovative Route Accounting Solutions

In 2001, Rutherford began development on eoStar, a comprehensive ERP route accounting software solution that leverages .Net and SQL Server technology from Microsoft and fully integrates key pieces of functionality such as Warehouse Management, Voice Picking, Purchase Forecasting, Surveys, Web Order Entry, and Mobile Sales and Delivery applications into a single database. The end result is crystal clear visibility into a modern beverage distribution organization’s KPIs and, ultimately, better efficiency throughout the organization.

Rutherford’s eoStar® Software is utilized by some of the most successful modern beverage distribution organizations across North America, including Monarch Beverage Company, Alliance Beverage Distributing, Andrews Distributing, Coastal Beverage Company, and Summit Beverage.

eoStar leverages the power of leading accounting packages to provide a complete financial solution. eoStar has built-in batch and dynamic interfaces to Microsoft Great Plains™, Peachtree™, QuickBooks Pro™ and other leading Microsoft SQL Server™-based accounting packages. So no matter the size of your organization, you can trust that eoStar works with the right accounting system for your organization.

eoStar Benefits

eoStar eliminates costly management and distribution inefficiencies in the warehouse and distribution areas.

  • Reduce truck loading time by up to 40% by optimizing loading processes and improving warehouse staff efficiencies
  • Reduce the number of product picking errors
  • Reduce costs by reducing overtime; increase the number of cases per hour per employee
  • Get detailed visibility into picking and loading activities by truck, route or employee
  • Manage inventory movement through single or multiple warehouses and picking areas, and create a just in time flow of goods through picking to waiting delivery trucks
  • Optimize and reduce the use of offsite third party storage in peak season
  • Increase warehouse efficiencies by using wireless technology for all product movement
  • Maintain inventory accuracy through simple-to-configure and easy-to-execute counts
  • Manage the rotation of goods through the warehouse
  • Track goods by location, lots, pallet, serial number and “born on” date
  • Maintain records for compliance with the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002
  • Create the infrastructure for future RFID-enabled business processes, and realize the opportunity for automatic transaction generation in the warehouse

eoStar provides tools to manage the scheduling, dispatching and tracking of delivery and service trucks that are servicing customers. Manage routing with integrated GPS-based tracking of solutions of salespeople and delivery trucks.

  • Optimize stops based on location, load or driver options
  • Optimize service technician dispatching based on location and technician skill sets
  • Provide more accurate delivery times to your customers
  • Reduce the time spent manually preparing routes and driver schedules and save costs
  • Reduce direct and in-direct transportation and delivery costs
  • Track driver activity using the latest in GPS technologies
  • Better manage drivers and transportation assets with GPS technologies

eoStar provides a range of customer relationship management tools to better manage your sales potential, revenue and merchandising productivity.

  • Easy-to-navigate customer, pricing and sales management tools
  • Simple customer master records with route management and purchase preferences
  • Customer-site surveys to gather required competitor and merchandising criteria
  • Dynamic sales tracking
  • Export sales, pricing and customer information to Microsoft Excel
  • Integrated with eoStar Mobile PreSell, Survey and Delivery Solutions
  • Strong and flexible pricing logic
  • Simple pricing through complex pricing options )Standard shelf, customer-specific, chain-store, price books, volume, multi-promotional and dynamic pricing)
  • Full pricing histories by customer. brand, products and SKU’s
  • Pricing is full-integrated with eoStar handheld applications

eoStar business intelligence provides easy-to-use analytical tools that deliver knowledge about sales, marketing and operational programs.

  • Understand the impact of pricing, promotions or discount changes to ensure that decisions always lead to increased sales and improved profitability
  • Understand which products are selling in which location to avoid lost placements
  • Understand increases and reductions in customer and product sales and profitability
  • Full tracking of competitor pricing and price histories
  • Find meaningful information at a click, what products have been sold, where they came from and what they sold for
  • Understand the effectiveness of your operation and the contributions of each customer, route and employee to overall sales and profitability on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

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