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POWER UP™ (a Barcoding, Inc. Company) is the industry’s premium charging technology company. Our mission is to connect moments that matter for companies, events, and facilities whose guests and customers depend on a fully charged device. Proudly manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland, POWER UP™ innovation transforms device charging into lasting relationships and exceptional experiences for our clients’ brands and users. To learn more visit us at www.powerupconnect.com

POWER UP™ Solutions By Industry

As a solution provider and/or venue in the sports, music and entertainment industry, you are focused on creating unique atmospheres for fans that are enhanced at every major touch point. POWER UP™ provides the premium charging tables, trailers, and stations that power connections between brands and fans.

POWER UP™’s line of charging products is perfect for tradeshows, conferences, and marketing events. Each unit is customized to meet your brand’s needs. Because our products are of the highest quality and made in the USA, our customers can be sure that they are aligning with the best-charging stations in the industry.

Patient care is about providing an environment of healing and comfort. For most of us, a way to stay fully connected is one of the easiest and best ways to provide that type of comfortable, caring environment. Patients and visitors can access the information they need to understand the care that’s being given and to stay connected to loved ones outside hospital walls. Wherever there is a kiosk, table, or charging unit, there is a 15-minute (or 60 minutes) boost available to the people who matter most – your patients.

Festivals mean large outdoor spaces, unpredictable weather, and massive crowds – POWER UP™ has the experience and the technical capabilities to deal with challenges and provide guests and fans with an incredible experience, keeping them connected during the entire event.

A smart charging strategy on your college or university campus helps to keep students safe, provide quality education, drive recruits and satisfaction scores, enable real-time communication, and build school spirit. Choose POWER UP™ for all your charging station needs.

POWER UP™ Featured Products

The POWER UP™ Charging Locker provides a secure way for customers to charge their devices: 12 lockers charge up to 24 phones or other small devices. Choose RFID-enabled lockers for superior service. Share your brand’s message through a premium 28″ LED display with USB media player. Learn More.

Top Feature: Ability to secure device in individual compartments

The POWER UP™ Charging Table is convenient and flexible for keeping attendees connected with 9 charging cables and 6 USB ports that can power up to 15 phones, tablets or other devices. Personalize the charging tables with your brand to create a memorable experience. The charging table comes in 3 different heights to meet your customer’s needs. Learn More.

Top Feature: Wireless Charging and Additional Outlets for Charging Laptops

The POWER UP Charging Tower is made from hypo-allergenic, stainless steel which provides a durable and easy to clean solution, perfect for high traffic areas. It has three standard electric outlets for laptops or other devices that require a power cord, six USB ports, and nine light-up charging cables, charging a total of 19 devices at one compact kiosk. Learn More.

Top Feature: Powerful charging solution that takes up minimum floor space

The POWER UP™ Slim LED Station charges 10 phones, tablets or other devices, keeping customers connected with this cell phone charging station kiosk. Share your brand’s message through a premium 32″ HD LED Display. Available on a stand or wall-mounted. Learn More.

Top Feature: Low-profile and drives messaging

The POWER UP™ Charging Trailer is full-sized, custom branded, mobile device charging trailer that uses solar panels and 60 individual charging cords to handle the demands of a large crowd or a tough environment with ease. Perfect for events, festivals, and community outreach. Learn More.

Top Feature: Easy set-up and ability to charge multiple devices

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