Numina Group

The Numina Group is the Leader in Define, Design and Implementation of Higher Profitability Distribution.

The leader in define, design and implementation of higher profitability distribution.

At Numina Group innovative design and technologies are used in increasing operational profitability.  Leaning the order fulfillment operation drives the design and final technology selection requirements.  The conveyor system and material handling solutions selected delivers an order fulfillment operation encompassing perfect order practices.

Perfect Order Processes equate to higher profitable operations! The four components required are complete order-fill accuracy, delivered on time, damage free and correct documentation. Operations that consistently achieve performance of 99% or greater in all four components – dramatically achieve higher KPI’s in order fill accuracy, labor usage and on-time delivery will gain dramatic increases in distribution profitability.

Superior Design Drives Order Fulfillment Productivity and Profitability.

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