IntelliTrack is the world’s leading provider of affordable, easy to use inventory management software.

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The Simplest Way to Manage Your Inventory

IntelliTrack® is the simplest way to manage your inventory. For more than 28 years, IntelliTrack has created and implemented innovative, effective inventory solutions for thousands of customers. Dedicated to efficiency and flexibility, IntelliTrack helps companies of all sizes and in every industry control their inventory and gain meaningful insights. Customers rely on IntelliTrack for accurate, up-to-date inventory information that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

IntelliTrack’s Vision and Mission

IntelliTrack® aims to be a leading provider of innovative, effective inventory management software and technology. They are dedicated to continuously improving and expanding their solutions in order to best serve their customers.

Their mission is to provide effective, user-friendly software that helps companies grow by simplifying their inventory management and providing deep, insightful data. IntelliTrack’s flexible solutions serve everyone from small businesses to national enterprises, across all industries.

IntelliTrack Quickbooks

Product Offerings

IntelliTrack® for QuickBooks Creates a Powerful Inventory Management System

Integrate two powerful software applications to create one seamless inventory management system: IntelliTrack inventory software and QuickBooks accounting software.

IntelliTrack for QuickBooks works with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, allowing an easy flow of information between the two systems. All the details of your inventory and financial activities are in one package for efficient end-to-end management of your inventory.

Extend the functionality of QuickBooks with a custom designed IntelliTrack integration. Sync detailed data on inventory, customers, vendors, purchase orders, sales orders, invoicing and payment back and forth. You will never lose customer, product, or financial information as the two applications are completely integrated.

Web-Based Inventory Management Solutions

Tired of inventory chaos? Look to IntelliTrack for smart  inventory management solutions with global accessibility.

IntelliTrack’s state of the art software provides secure, real time data collection, storage, and access anytime, anywhere. It is a collaborative web-based inventory management system that maximizes all your resources. Mobile devices talk to one another. Employees share real time info for the best response to changes in workflow and/or product. A flexible solution that grows easily with the demands of your business.

Use IntelliTrack apps to take control of your consumable inventory while on the move!

Install IntelliTrack on your mobile computers for real time tracking and managing:

  • Amount and kind of inventory received and stored
  • Inventory moves
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customer and vendor information
  • Inventory across multiple sites

IntelliTrack® inventory management software now integrates with Shopify, the leading multi-channel commerce platform. With this integration, customers can manage their inventory within one seamless system.

With the Shopify plug-in, customers can pull data from their Shopify eCommerce site and easily fulfill orders in IntelliTrack Inventory to ensure accurate, real-time tracking and validation.

By using IntelliTrack software with the Shopify integration, you’ll have a robust tool that is able to provide insights into your sales, inventory levels, order fulfillment, and package tracking, all in one easy-to-use platform.

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