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Industrial Quality Telnet/SSH Server and SSH Tunneling

Universal Terminal Server for Windows (Telnet/SSH Server)

Telnet and SSH are the natural connectivity tools for Barcode Scanners, RF Terminals, & Data Collection Devices. The Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server (UTS) is the industrial quality core software foundation that provides the performance, reliability, consistency and powerful features supporting the suite of GSW server products including GSW Telnet/SSH Server, Session Administrator and numerous remote access utilities.  GSW UTS includes a Telnet Server, Session Administrator and full suite of GSW Mobile Clients at no extra cost!

 Secure Shell “SSH” 2 encryption can be added as well as end-to-end Federal Information Processing Standard “FIPS” 140-2 compliance. With the GSW UTS, Windows is transformed into a truly multi-user environment.   Remote administration, full support for DOS Legacy applications, and superior user control will allow RF Terminal environments to perform exceptionally well.

The Georgia SoftWorks UTS is the fastest, most robust Telnet/SSH Server for Windows in Industrial and Commercial barcode, data collection, and WMS environments!

Georgia SoftWorks Business Tunnel – SSH Tunnel and VPN Alternative

The GSW Business Tunnel is a versatile and secure connectivity tool that allows you and your coworkers secure access to required network services that are often risky due to non-secure locations or impossible due to firewall configurations.

With the GSW Business Tunnel, secure tunnels are built over a network between the Business Tunnel Software and an SSH Server. Each tunnel may contain one or more channels where encrypted traffic is encapsulated and is sent through an encrypted channel providing the security you need to confidently connect over a wifi network.

Provide SSH protected access to popular network services like SMTP, POP, RDP, HTTP, MySSQL, SQL Server etc. over and untrusted network.

From branch offices, airports, hotels, home, or any remote location you can confidently and securely Browse your company’s intranet, surf the web, remote desktop, manage servers, send/receive email, maintain databases, secure legacy protocols (such as telnet) and more!

Georgia SoftWorks Business Tunnel Overview

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