The eQuip! enterprise asset management solution is an operational platform to manage the physical, financial, and contractual information of physical and IT assets throughout their life cycle.

The eQuip! enterprise asset management solution eQuip! is an easy to use and cost effective solution to manage the enterprise assets, including physical and IT assets, throughout their life cycle.

The application’s easy interface with excel sheets makes data import/export and custom reporting quick and intuitive. The application has built in support to handheld readers, RFID readers, and GPS devices. In addition, the application provides web APIs and SDKs to easily integrate with procurement, financial reporting, and other operation systems.

Barcoding is an authorized Value Added Reseller of the eQuip! software.

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  1. All businesses that want to manage physical assets efficiently – track their location, condition and accountability.
  2. Government Contractors – subject to FAR 254.24.1 and DFARs requirements on managing Government Property.
  3. Recipients of federal grants (>$500k/annual): subject to CFR requirements on equipment management, including emergency management agencies, nonprofit research organizations, charter schools, Head Start program administrators.
  4. IT departments in mid to large sized businesses (>500 employees) and state and local government agencies and county school systems.
  5. Healthcare providers
  6. High Education
  7. Financial Services
  • Zebra Printers for 1D, 2D, IUID, and thermal labels
  • Zebra handheld scanners
  • Motorola handheld scanners
  • Honeywell scanners
  • Smartphones


OS: Android, Win Mobile, iOS

eQuip Software Fact Sheet

eQuip Solutions for each Vertical

Functions/Verticals Solutions
IT departments eQuipW IT Asset Management
Higher Education eQuip! Asset Management Software for managing physical and IT assets
Non Profit eQuip! Asset Management Software for managing grant funded equipment –meet the requirements from Code of Federal Regulations, Uniform Guidance
Government Contractors eQuip! Government Property Management software for managing Government Furnished Property, Contractor Acquired Property, and Corporate Owned Assets – meet FAR (Federal Acquisition Rules) requirements
State and Local Governments eQuip! Asset Management Software for managing physical and IT assets – track assets and support fixed asset management requirements
Federal Government eQuip! Asset Management Software for Managing Government Property
Healthcare eQuip! Facility Management software for managing physical and IT assets – track history of asset custody, associate assets with RFID tags, manage geo fencing
“We designed eQuip! to serve as a platform, connecting with other data sources, such as purchasing and IT service support systems, to sync the data.” Jackie Luo, CEO, E-ISG Asset Intelligence (CIO Review, Oct. 2016)
“I like how I can export data from eQuip! and import data into eQuip! using excel sheets so easily. It makes our inventory audit much easier. We print our items (select based on statistical sampling to be audited, and hand it to the field team for auditing. When they are done, we uploaded it back to eQuip!. This has allowed us to keep a paper trail of the audit activities, as required.” Patrick Schnitzius, Logistics Support Manager, DynCorp
“eQuip has radically changed what we are doing at Camber for Government Property Management. We have completely automated our process, and we have not gone beyond the tip of the iceberg with the capabilities that eQuip has.” Danny McMullins, Government Property Administrator at Camber Corporation

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