Part 2: Rising Gas Costs Fuel Interest in GPS Systems

After reading Part 1 of this post, you’re already familiar with two ways GPS technology can benefit your business- Navigation and Route Optimization.  Now we’re going to look at two more GPS applications, Route Auditing (which goes hand in hand with Route Optimization) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL).

GPS Route Auditing– also known as “breadcrumbing,” route auditing allows managers to record and monitor activities that have occurred in the field.  Route optimization finds the most efficient routes and route auditing makes sure they’re followed.  Managers can compare the actual route taken by drivers to the planned route to ensure that the most efficient course was taken.  This can save your company fuel costs and ensure your employees are providing consistent on-time service for customers.   Applications can record driving speed to deter speeding and provide data for accidents or insurance purposes.  Excessively high or low daily mileage can be tracked to monitor anything out of the ordinary.  A GPS can also measure stop times to ensure that employees aren’t taking excessive breaks, or that they’re complying with union laws.  GPS applications can also include a location stamp for deliveries.  When a package is delivered and scanned with a mobile computer to record the delivery, the GPS will also record the delivery with a location stamp.  This automatically records the location of delivery and can be used for delivery confirmation and proof of services.

GPS Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)- AVL can provide real-time visibility of the entire fleet to managers or dispatchers.  This allows supervisors to monitor employees in real-time to ensure that drivers are sticking to the pre-determined route.  Dispatchers can also locate the nearest available vehicles to route them to a customer site for service or pickups.  AVL also provides package tracking for customers, allowing them to access real-time data about their shipment.  Real-time information and monitoring can also increase security of your fleet.  GPS applications can help reduce the risk of stolen vehicles and increase recovery times due to automatic alerts if vehicles deviate from their routes.

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