Parking Enforcement Automation

This application might not be yours or my favorite, but the simple truth is that parking enforcement can be greatly improved through the use of an automated process.  Most parking enforcement officers write out tickets in a book by hand and then have them transferred to the main system by data entry clerks back at the station.  This system is time consuming and allows for human error that could allow parking citations to be lost or thrown out of court (which may not seem bad if you get a ticket, but it is).  By automating the citation process, officers instead enter all information on a handheld computer by either scanning barcodes, drop-down menu functions, or by hand-keying.  Officers can enter the following information:

  • Violation type
  • Vehicle information
  • Location of violation

Then a citation can be printed on the spot from a portable printer and left on the windshield.  Once at the station it is simple for officers to download their information into the main system, instead of hand-keying all of the information, they simply drop the device into a cradle that transmits the information to the system in a matter of minutes.  Parking enforcement applications like this increase the accuracy of citations entered into the main system and save time, in fact, what would usually take days to manually enter into the system only takes about 10 minutes.  For more information on handheld devices or portable printers that are suitable for this application please contact me at