Packaging Getting New Life Thanks To E-Commerce

Packaging has become more than simply a box in which to hold products. Today’s packaging is being designed to inform and inspire consumers in keeping with the changing retail landscape.

Sealed Air Corp.’s Vice President of E-Commerce and Fulfillment Solutions, Vicki Case, recently told SupplyChainBrain about the concept of message packaging and the great opportunities that exist on shipment exteriors.

This is also an area where sustainability factors in, with customers showing more concern than ever about the environmental impact of products and their packaging. Companies that choose their packaging with sustainability in mind can increase their reputation with this segment of consumers.

Packaging Conveys Brand Image
Sealed Air recently discovered that 66 percent of customers feel that packaging can convey a value when it comes to brand image. For example, many people balk at receiving a tiny item in a huge cardboard box surrounded by paper or Styrofoam peanuts and are likely to take a dim view of that company’s environmental friendliness, not to mention be more than a little annoyed about having to get rid of an unnecessarily big box.

On the other hand, packages that are efficient are likely to leave a positive impression, and they even have the power to give overall e-commerce sales a boost.

Case also mentioned that e-tailers are taking innovative approaches toward setting themselves apart from the crowd. For example, at Christmas time, some e-tailers might add a slight balsam scent to their packaging to create a memorable experience that makes customers feel like they are in a store.

In addition, many e-tailers are trying to find the right balance between keeping a product protected in its packaging and keeping the box’s size to a minimum. Case added that she expects more and more customers to ask Sealed Air about more responsible packaging in the next few years.

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