Oregon State Upgrades to Motorola DS4800 Barcode Scanners

Oregon State University recently upgraded their Beaver Store’s point-of-sale POS scanners. On a typical game day, the store processes tens of thousands of transactions at its 50 cash registers—sometimes lines even reach out the door. So, in situations such as this where every second matters, it’s no surprise that store management chose Motorola Solutions’ DS4800 series imagers.

The DS4800 series imagers offer an ergonomic design, fast scan speed, accuracy and efficiency, all crucial for those demanding game days at Beaver Store. In addition, the OSU Beaver Store customized the DS4800 imagers with their logo and colors and, with their new equipment, can now scan barcodes on phone and tablet screens.

“The OSU Beaver Store is creating a cohesive customer experience with the contemporary design of the DS4800 branded with OSU’s colors and logo. The leading-edge technology of the DS4800 enables them to quickly and accurately complete transactions at the POS during rush periods,” said Pat Glennon, MSSSI Vice President, North America Retail and Hospitality, Motorola Solutions.

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