Operation STAT

Barcoding, Inc. provided barcode scanners and software for a mock disaster to be held at Towson University.

Disaster can strike at any time, but if something happened in your city, would everyone be able to successfully deal with the aftermath? That’s exactly what “Operation STAT” seeks to discover.

On Friday, April 11 at the West Village Commons Ballroom, Towson University students from the College of Health Professions will gather to explore dealing with disaster.

The scenario is that a plane crashed into Unitas Stadium during a record-breaking capacity event. Thousands were injured and local hospitals are full. How will health care professionals and emergency services coordinate treatment to those in need?

“Victims” (volunteers) will check-in and receive a card indicating their hypothetical affliction, along with a barcoded wristband. The wristband will then be scanned with Motorola MC7090‘s provided by Barcoding, Inc., and scanned again throughout each stage of the exercise along with feeding time, date and individual identification information. All of the information is sent to a custom-made software application, created with Barcoding, Inc.’s software. By using barcodes, the application is able to track victims throughout the treatment process, including debrief and release.

After Operation STAT is completed, Towson University supply chain management students students will be able to review the data collected and determine how efficient the disaster relief processes were—did everyone receive the correct treatment in a timely manner?

Using Barcoding, Inc.’s equipment and software will also aid in setting benchmarks for next year’s exercise and demonstrate scalability should a real disaster ever occur.

Contact Barcoding, Inc. for more information regarding our involvement with the event.