Open Sesame: Use QR Codes to Securely Login to Your Google Account

No need to be scared of that computer at the library or internet café, once again, Google is here to save the day! Google has a new way to securely log users into their accounts on public computers via, you guessed it, QR codes.

By visiting on the computer, a Google login will appear on your phone, allowing you to log-in safely and securely on the computer rather than worrying about your security being compromised on a public computer. For additional security measures, be sure to use your network’s cellular data rather than the establishments free Wi-Fi.

After only a few short days, Google has discontinued the service, stating:

Hi there – thanks for your interest in our phone-based login experiment.
While we have concluded this particular experiment, we constantly experiment with new and more secure authentication mechanisms.
Stay tuned for something even better!
Dirk Balfanz, Google Security Team.

What could this something better be? Will it still involve QR Codes, or perhaps RFID or NFC? Share your thoughts and speculations by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.