NYSE Uses RFID for Real-time Tablet Tracking

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will soon be implementing a real-time location system (RTLS) in order to track the location of their tablet computers. By tracking their location, it will ensure that traders do not go from one floor to another with the devices and conduct any unauthorized transactions, making one less thing for NYSE security guards to check for and reduces the potential for errors.

Once a RFID tag is applied to a tablet PC, NYSE management will use software to link the tags ID number with data about the trader that has been issued it. The RFID tag will transmit a signal encoded with this unique number and the signal will be capture by Wi-Fi nodes installed throughout the building, which is how the location is determined. Should a tablet enter an unauthorized zone, management will be e-mailed with the name and location of the individual, in real-time.

By implementing RFID tags, NYSE will be able to ensure the highest level of information security and building security guards will be able to focus on other issues.

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