NYPD Uses Barcodes for Parking Tickets

The NYPD are in the process of introducing a new system for parking tickets, eliminating hand-written tickets for an accurate, efficient and cost effective solution.

The solution uses the Symbol PPT 2800 and the Datamax-O’Neil Portable Microflash 4t Thermal Printer. With barcode scanning and real-time wireless communication, officers of the NYPD will be able to scan vehicle registration stickers, print tickets and upload the information to a central database in real-time. Since the state of New York requires all vehicles affix their registration to their windshield, it will be easy for the NYPD to scan them because of their 2D barcode.

In addition to improving the readability of the ticket, the system will be able to track millions of dollars in unpaid fines owed to NYC.