Numina’s RDS Voice Brings Process Automation to New Levels

It might sound like a pipe dream, but 99.99 percent accuracy in picking, receiving, kitting and replenishment applications is now within reach thanks to The Numina Group’s RDS Voice real-time distribution system. By boosting productivity rates in receiving, picking and inspection by as much as 50 percent, this system often brings businesses a return on their investment in under a year.

RDS Voice’s top-in-class speaker-independent voice engine makes workers productive in just minutes, and no voice training is needed. Even the noisiest work environments are no challenge for this 7th-generation system.

The system comes with Numina’s labor tracking and reporting toolset, which is capable of measuring worker productivity across various tasks and tracking labor to the desired standards. It is easy and fast to implement thanks to the lack of training that is needed, and development time and software support costs are kept to a minimum because most of the voice application sits inside the SQL database.

Going Beyond Voice

In fact, voice is just a small part of what this system can do. It can completely automate many aspects of operations, from pick wave management to SKU and lot capture to batch picking with walk path optimization. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why it has already attracted more than 150,000 users around the world.

According to Numina, RDS Voice is not only the most flexible voice-driven fulfillment technology that is currently available on the market, but it is also the most scalable one. Pre-developed interface modules facilitate integration with popular WMS/ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, SAP and Oracle. As a leading Warehouse Control and Execution System, it runs pre-developed modules on the same platform, including voice, carton dimensioning and inline weight capture, vision audit, pick and put to light, and intelligent conveyor routing. Accuracy, profitability and productivity can all get a serious boost by making use of this groundbreaking system.

This blog post was based off of an article from the Numina Group. The original article can be viewed here.

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