Northwest Georgia Medical Group Keeps Inventory in Check

The term “stockroom” refers to those applications in which managers want to keep accurate track of inventory levels in their supply closets or stockrooms. Stockroom applications are very popular with companies that want a standalone receipt and issuance inventory tracking system. This application is most often used in medical offices, supply depots, and small warehouses.


Northwest Georgia Medical Group is a collective of 15 doctors that share two facilities and many resources. These resources include administrative staff and a medical supply closet. Items in the supply closet were constantly running out of stock and needing to be reordered and delivered overnight. Other items were then ordered when there were plenty of them in the closet. The medical group was interested in tracking consumable items such as sterile pads and instruments, that would be used once and thrown away, without having to go through the supply closet each time orders were placed.

Northwest Georgia Medical was most concerned with:

  • keeping necessary medical supplies in stock at all times
  • avoiding ordering duplicate items
  • reducing the time it took to take inventory

How Barcoding Inc. Helped The Northwest Georgia Medical Group

Barcoding Inc. helped Northwest Georgia Medical Group install IntelliTrack’s Stockroom Inventory Software. Along with the software, they installed PSC Falcon 330 portable data collectors along with CaptureTech CT1010 CCD scanners. Labels for each item are printed using a Zebra TLP2844 barcode printer. They are then affixed to the shelves where the items are stored, and scanned each time an item is taken out by a doctor or nurse. Once the count of certain items reaches a predetermined inventory level, a message is generated to alert the purchasing department to order more of that item.

The administrators can also run daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports showing what items are being used, how often they are being ordered, and which doctors are using which items. This allows the office administrator to bill each physician independently for the supplies that they and their assistants consume.

The Results

By implementing an inventory tracking system, Northwest Georgia Medical Group is able to reduce the amount of inventory that is being unnecessarily ordered, as well as ensure that inventory levels are kept at a minimum so they never run out of critical items again. Shipping costs are kept lower as supplies do not have to be shipped overnight as they have several day lead times to reorder items.

This system improves the efficiency of Northwest Georgia Medical Group’s operations, ensuring that the materials that the doctors and nurses need are available at all times.