Nokia Locate Sensor: Never Lose Anything!

Nokia Locate SensorThe Nokia Locate Sensor was recently revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show, but is still a prototype that continues to be tested at the Nokia Research Center.

The Nokia Locate Sensor is a small device that communicates with your phone wirelessly. Users will install a Nokia Locate Sensor Application on their cell phones and by placing the sensor’s tags onto objects, they will be able to locate up to 100 objects at any given time, within approximately 328 feet (100m).

The system also works in reverse. Should you get separated from your phone, an alarm on the Nokia Locate Sensor will sound. Best of all, the sensor lasts 18 months before running low! And, since it doesn’t use GPS technology, it’s easy to locate items both indoors and out.

While the Nokia Locate Sensor is still in research and development and has not been released for consumers, it will hopefully revolutionize the way we keep track of our belongings!