Nintendo 3DS Integrates QR Codes and Avatars

The Nintendo 3DS allows users to create avatars using a “Mii Maker,” similar to the platform used on the Nintendo Wii. Users can create an avatar, or Mii, to their likeness by taking a photo using the 3DS’ front-facing camera. Once a Mii is created, the 3DS implements NFC technology, allowing users to copy their Mii’s to other 3DS devices nearby. In addition, users can even create a custom QR code for their Mii to make sharing with friends fun and easy.

By Nintendo adding the QR code feature to the 3DS, I think QR code usage will continue to grow, especially with the younger generation. Although QR codes are commonly used for coupons, using them in social media and social situation increases their lure. Have you created a QR code from your Mii? If so, let us know your experience by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter page.