NFC Warranty Management System

As QR codes continue to expand into our everyday lives, some may forget that only a few short years ago, hardly anyone had ever even heard of them. So, what’s the next latest and greatest technology waiting to become everyone’s newest fascination? Near Field Communication.

Near Field Communication, or NFC, has received a lot of buzz regarding social media and the concept of cashless purchasing, but there are many other uses for the technology being developed.

United Tectsa recently introduced a new type of NFC tag that can be used to store manufacturer’s warranties on the products themselves. Including such information on a tag on the products themselves would prevent consumers from having to ever search through their bills and warranties should a products break or need repairing. The warranty management system works by:

  • Affixing an NFC tag to the product, done by the manufacturer, with serial number, product code, batch number and manufacturing date
  • When the product arrives from the manufacturer to the store, their dealer code and date of purchase is written to the tag, which can be done using any standard NFC phone

If the product should break or need repairing, customers would be able to return it to the store, and any information stored on the tag can be read by the store’s NFC phone. From there, an SMS message is generated and sent to the manufacturer, which confirms whether or not the product is within its warranty period or not. While consumers will clearly benefit from this system, it will also help manufacturers keep track of repairs needed, red-flagging a potentially massive product recall before it’s too late.

While I definitely see the advantage to the warranty management system, I think it may be difficult to convince smaller retailers to add their information to the NFC tags. Let us know what you think about the NFC-based warranty management system by commenting here, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.