NFC on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

Will the iPhone 5 be enabled for near field communications (NFC)? If not, you can still use your iPhone 4 for cashless purchasing.

Although the iPhone 5 will make its debut shortly, there was talk about it being NFC capable shortly after the iPhone 4’s release. And even though the iPhone 5 will be released shortly, its NFC capabilities are still up for discussion.

However, if you want NFC capabilities on your iPhone, there’s no need to wait for the debut of the iPhone 5. I recently came across a hack that allows iPhone 4 users some NFC mobile payment capabilities. While it’s not the same as the built-in NFC features on the Nexus S Android phones, it provides an interim solution until Apple divulges the details of the iPhone 5.

If your bank offers miniature credit cards with NFC chips, they can easily be added to the iPhone 4. By simply removing the backing, there is a bit of room to put a smaller, NFC-enabled card, such as Bank of America’s Tap & Pay, between the battery and backing. Since the iPhone backing is relatively thin, the NFC chip will still have the ability to be read by credit card terminals.

While the exact date of the iPhone 5 has not yet been released, there’s still speculation as to whether or not it will include NFC capabilities. Heard a rumor? Have an opinion? Share it with us by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.