NFC Nook

Barnes & Noble plans to introduce near field communication (NFC) to its popular Nook tablet.

In a recent Fortune interview, William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble, discussed the company’s plans for the Nook tablet.

Leveraging a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Barnes & Noble plans on including NFC chips inside Nooks. By working with publishers, hardcover books could contain an embedded NFC chip with all of the editorial reviews featured on the company’s website. If a customer enters Barnes & Nobles with their Nook, they can simply walk up to any pictures, aisles, bestseller lists and touch the book. Then, information on the physical book will appear on their Nook, without having to do any typing or searching.

While there is no set date as to when this NFC experience will arrive, it is rumored to be some time this year.

Do you think an NFC-enabled Nook would be a good seller? And will that impact the iPad or iPhone getting NFC?

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