NFC Mobile Payments Go Down Under

While NFC-enabled mobile payments have yet to make it big in the US, there may be promise in Australia.

Australians who use Vodafone, a phone service provider, will soon be able to make mobile payments. Vodaphone joined forces with Visa in an effort to launch a mobile payment application that uses NFC and payWave, Visa’s proprietary contactless payment technology.

The solution is expected to debut in early 2013 and will allow consumers to pay by waving their NFC-enabled mobile device in front of a contactless payment terminal.

But what if someone else grabs your phone? Not a problem. A PIN will be required for large purchases and each transaction is backed by Visa’s global processing network and analyzed for fraud in real-time and are protected by Visa’s Zero Liability policy.

Beta testing will use the Samsung Galaxy SIII with the Vodafone Smartpass app and will be accepted at hundreds of thousands of payWave-enabled contactless terminals across Australia.

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