First NFC Magazine Ad Appears in WIRED

Could NFC magazine ads replace QR codes? Could they be the future of advertising?

We’ve often discussed if NFC or other forms of technology will replace QR codes, but until recently, NFC has yet to be used in magazine ads.

WIRED’s April issue contains the first mass-produced NFC magazine ad in the U.S. The ad, produced by WIRED in conjunction with Quad/Graphics, Inc. contains an NFC tag that launches a mobile site when tapped by an NFC-enabled Android smartphone. While NFC chips have been used in other applications, it has never been used in a mass-produced (it’s in 500,000 subscription copies) ad campaign, until now.

The ad appears in a fitting publication—what better demographic to have NFC-enabled smartphones than WIRED? As more and more smartphones become NFC-enabled, I’m sure we will begin to see a lot more advertisements using the technology—could NFC be the future of print advertising? However, this goes back to the age old question, “Will NFC replace QR codes?”

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