NFC in Your Fridge?

This week in tech, it’s all about CES—the Consumer Electronics Show in fabulous Las Vegas.

Although there’s an array of high-tech gadgets from a variety of different companies, its LG that’s peaked our interest. LG has showcased plans for smart home appliances using near field communication (NFC) and WiFi. Controlled by an NFC-enabled smartphone or smartTV, the NFC-enabled home appliances will be able to communicate with each other to help consumers better manage and improve their life at home.

By using an app, users simply need to tap an NFC-enabled smartphone with a “smartappliance” in order to pair them. In the instance of a “smartfridge”, users could use their smartphone to scan the barcode on a product. From there, the fridge would update a list of inventory, suggest recipes that use the new item and even tell you when it has expired.

Tapping a recipe on the fridge can automatically send it to the oven, beginning the preheating process until its at the correct temperature. Users will be alerted when the oven is ready and an alarm will automatically be set to alert the user when the food is done and then, the oven will turn itself off.

In addition, the appliances can suggest fixes, monitor power consumption and will notify you should you leave the fridge door open.

But the fun doesn’t stop in the kitchen! Moving onto the laundry room, users can sync their washing machine so that it alerts you when a program is complete. You can even set a spin cycle via your smartphone.

Although NFC is still not widely used, the appeal of smart appliances will be sure to attract more people to use the technology.

Does the allure of smartappliances appeal to you, or would you prefer not to communicate with your fridge? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.