NFC Heading to SXSW

The entire tech community seems to be counting down the days until South by Southwest (SXSW), an interactive, music and film festival in Austin, TX. The interactive portion of the festival will attract big names, like Google, while still giving smaller companies attention in the Startup Village. With such a tech-centric festival, it’s no surprise that NFC will be at the forefront of the festivities.

Vizibility Inc., a provider of online identity management, recently announced 1,000 spots in its private NFC beta program for SXSW. Attendees can register to receive prototypes of personal NFC business cards. When an NFC enabled phone comes into contact with the card, it will direct attendees to a personalized mobile microsite, allowing them to automatically share contact information. In addition, metrics and SMS alerts will be provided for an entire year!

Debuting this type of technology at SXSW makes sense—put everyone who’s anyone in tech in one place, add NFC and watch what happens! I can definitely imagine NFC used like catching on—it’s like QR codes meets LinkedIn… on steroids and is ideal for tradeshow type situations where you don’t want to have to carry a bunch of business cards or write down contact information, only to get back and have to type in contact information.

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