Next Gen Parking Garages with RFID

Whenever you head out for a night out on the town, its sure to be fun, but there’s almost always an issue, no matter what city you live in—parking. Luckily for us, the German company Wöhr has developed new parking solutions using RFID technology in conjunction with lift/shuttle technologies that maximize space and allow cars to park themselves!

How It Works
Once a driver enters the garage, they scan a user specific RFID key fob, drive onto a flat pallet, and then exit the car. Upon exit, the car automatically descends into the garage where it is placed in an open spot. Upon the drivers return, they simply need to scan their fob again for identification purposes and then, their car will return within 3 minutes. During the return of the car, the driver has full visibility of their car as it moves through the garage via plasma screens.

Currently, there is one Wöhr garage in the US, located in Philadelphia at 1706 Rittenhouse Square Street, a high-rise condominium that offers the RFID self-park solution to its inhabitants. Check out the simulation here by clicking on “Luxury,” then “Parking.”

Personally, I think this is a great solution. As the population increases, so does the amount of cars that will require parking. The only problem I see with it is that the need for Valet’s will be eliminated. What do you think about the RFID parking solution? Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.