New Wireless Alert System from Barcoding Inc.

Today Barcoding Inc. officially announced the patent that was granted to us by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a new wireless “e-Action” alert system. The system was developed by CEO Jay Steinmetz, in conjunction with an engineering consultant, Lawrence Cuthie.

Basically, e-Action is a wireless, Internet protocol-based system for remote wireless alert transmission and action. e-Action is designed to be worn or carried by the user and can transmit critical commands from any location on the worksite, allowing for a quick, easy and effective way to receive alerts while on the job.

Although e-Action was originally designed for use in manufacturing and distribution, it is a customizable solution suitable for any market that uses heavy machinery, such as:

  • Petroleum/Oil Drilling
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Textile Production
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Industrial Mining
  • Auto Manufacturing

Aside from manual control and user override, the e-Action system can be configured to detect and react to pre-defined physical and/or biological parameters. For example, if high levels of environmental toxins or chemicals were present, the e-Action system would be able to independently take the necessary steps to stop the operation of industrial equipment, ultimately preventing human injury and/or mechanical failure.

The e-Action system uses:

  • A compact and wearable Internet protocol-based device, or actuator, powered by an active radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, and multiple sensors
  • One or more local area network (LAN) access point
  • A base station server
  • e-Action software, which links the actuator device, the LAN access points, the server and all associated machinery together into a seamless integrated system

Lawrence Cuthie, the co-inventor of e-Action, explained, “The idea for e-Action was first developed based on my experiences designing and integrating automated warehouse systems. I witnessed numerous accidents that occurred because the equipment’s stop button was located in a fixed location that was often difficult or impossible to reach in an emergency. In contrast, the wearable e-Action system enables any individual who witnesses an emergency event or spots dangerous irregularities to immediately notify the system electronically and stop all mechanical systems.”

Barcoding Inc. is currently working with specific companies to license the e-Action technology, and to complete a market specific solution in conjunction with entities with specific industry expertise. The solution will be available for implementation in late 2010.

CEO and inventor Jay Steinmetz stated, “As a technology company, we are constantly thinking about how our solutions can mitigate or even prevent future tragedies like the one in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Steinmetz. “In our view, e-Action has the potential to avert future catastrophes, both large and small, by providing a wireless, remote option for controlling all kinds of machinery. With today’s advances in wireless technology, there is simply no longer a need for workers to move to a physical location to take the critical steps needed to halt machinery and industrial processes. We believe this technology brings with it a variety of practical industrial and manufacturing applications, and may just help to avoid future disasters.”

Check out US Patent No. 7,719,422 B1 on Google Patents for a detailed overview of the e-Action system.

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