New Regulation Requires On-board Computing for Truckers

The U.S. Transportation Department recently announced a proposal that would require on-board electronic devices to monitor whether truck and bus operators are meeting limits on driving time, ultimately eliminating paperwork and increasing both safety and efficiency.

While some fear the cost of on-board electronic devices will be high, proponents insist that the savings in paperwork would be well worth it. By using electronic equipment over paper logbooks to records hours of service, drivers can work more efficiently, thus saving time and money… just think about the cost of the paper alone!

Con-way Inc., the second-largest U.S trucking company by revenue, has already started installing on-board computers that track hours driven. Randal Mullet, the company’s vice president of government relations and public affairs, believed it was important to start implementing the computers before the regulation was enforced because the savings in paperwork made it cost effective. While some trucking companies are frustrated by the new proposal, forward-thinking companies such as Con-way have already begun to see positive results.

In addition to Con-way, companies that make the electronic devices, such as XATA Corp., will also see positive results from the proposal. XATA and other manufacturers of on-board computers have seen an increase in business that is expected to continue as more trucking companies adopt the regulations.

If you are interested in meeting the regulations of the proposal, or simply want a more efficient way of tracking employee time and routes, learn more about on-board mobile computing and what XATA can do for you.