New Refrigerator Aims To Reduce Wasted Food

A new refrigerator that is being trialed in England makes use of modern technology to help minimize the age-old problem of food wastage. Brits waste around £1.5 billion in food a year that is purchased but never ends up getting eaten before it goes bad, and new refrigerators from Bosch are hoping to put an end to this.

It’s a scenario that many people are familiar with: you’re in the supermarket staring at the egg display and can’t remember if you have any in your fridge or not. If you have one of these new refrigerator models, getting the answer will simply be a matter of checking an app in your smartphone.

Each refrigerator is linked to an app called Home Connect, which users can open to see photos inside their fridge on demand. It can also be used to control the temperature inside the fridge remotely, and there are plans to give it the ability to make recipe suggestions based on what is inside the fridge in the future.

Smart Fridge Raises Privacy Concerns

Bosch is promising that the images the fridge sends to users are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone who does not have the proper login credentials. However, it is worth noting that the app’s data protection policy says that it does share information with other “service providers”. Nevertheless, supermarket chain Sainsbury’s says its ultimate goal is to decrease the amount of food that is wasted rather than promote goods.

The chain’s research reveals that 38 percent of shoppers overbuy fruit and 35 percent overbuy vegetables. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and eggs are also commonly overbought.

According to Sainsbury’s, 70 percent of people check their fridge before leaving for the grocery store, but 40 percent of people claim they forget the contents by the time they get to the store. In addition, many people stop at the store on their way home from work without having a chance to check the fridge first.