New Products Showcased at NRF

Honeywell showcased their new products, the Stratos 2700 Hybrid Bioptic Scanner, Optimus 5900 RFID Mobile Computer and Remote Mastermind 3.0 software at NRF.

Today, NRF came to an end, but there were lots of innovative new products featured, including Barcoding Inc.’s very own FRAN.

Honeywell unveiled their new products—the Stratos 2700 Hybrid Bioptic Scanner and the Optimus 5900 RFID Mobile Computer. The Stratos 2700 Hybrid Bioptic Scanner is ideal for 2D barcodes, featuring a hybrid platform that specializes in rapid pass-through scanning and area-imaging technology and will begin shipping in July. The Optimus 5900 RFID Mobile Computer combines RIFD and ADC technologies for maximum retail productivity, accurately reading up to 45 EPC Gen2 RFID tags in 10 seconds and will ship in February.

In addition to the hardware, Honeywell’s new Remote Mastermind 3.0 software allows retailers to update and manage entire retail solutions, including scanners, mobile computers and even Android and iOS device, which will ship in the second quarter of 2012.

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